Here at FirstBase Skincare, we value not only what we are putting on our skin and into our bodies—but how we are treating the earth along the way. As business founders and advocates of clean-skincare, we are proud to be one of Canada’s leading ECOCERT® certified brands—the industry’s gold standard and regulator for environmental and ethical manufacturing.

What is ECOCERT®?
As the world leader in sustainability certification, ECOCERT®  ensures that brands are utilizing almost entirely organic, renewable natural ingredients, as well as maintaining ethical and eco-friendly manufacturing. ECOCERT® services over 130 countries, with FirstBase governed by this certification in every facet of the business.

What FirstBase achieves with this Certification?
There are three ECOCERT® certifications including ECOCERT Natural®, ECOCERT Natural and Organic®, and ECOCERT COSMOS®.

Natural and Organic meaning that a minimum of 95% of our total ingredients used per product is naturally derived, and a minimum of 10% of all ingredients per product by weight (including water) is organically produced

ECOCERT COSMOS® certified, a standardization which in addition to Natural and Organic, is governed by five bodies in Europe: Soil Association (UK), BDIH (Germany), AIAB/ICEA (Italy), and Cosmebio (France). This group upholds the ethical use of the ecological and organic product, supply, and production chains.

What is the process for ECOCERT COSMOS® certification?
Good question. Our FirstBase community can take comfort in knowing that all of our products are the following to be certified with ECOCERT COSMOS®  standards:

  • Free of parabens, silicone, phenoxyethanol, PEG, nanoparticles, and synthetic dyes and perfumes, meaning we’re better for your skin, health, and the environment. 
  • Free of animal-derived ingredients (unless a natural bi-product such as honey, milk, etc.).
  • Includes a minimum amount of ingredients sourced from organic agriculture.
  • Supportive where possible in the development of green chemicals as opposed to petrochemicals.
  • Respectful of biodiversity and natural resources
  • Fair treatment of human labour.
  • Complies to the sustainable sourcing of minerals and other ingredients.
  • Uses manufacturing and processing that are respectful of human health.
  • Uses recyclable or biodegradable packaging at all times.
  • Undergoes yearly audits by ECOCERT® officials to ensure these mandates are met. 

Why is ECOCERT® important?
Did you know that there are over 50,000 common skincare ingredients, with just over 17% of these being pesticides, carcinogens, or hormonal disruptors? FirstBase’s ingredients are free of harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients that can lead to skin irritation, headaches, and at worst, endocrine-system disruption. This also means fewer chemicals and bi-products going down our drains and during manufacturing, into the air.


Which products are ECOCERT COSMOS® certified?
FirstBase is an ECOCERT COSMOS® certified business meaning that our environmental mandate drives all business decisions. All products are certified. 

Are the ingredients used in The Double Dose Vitamin C Serum ECOCERT® certified?

What kind of packaging does FirstBase use?
We use recyclable packaging at this time. 

Where can I learn more about ECOCERT®?
We encourage our community to visit for more information. 

Better for the environment, and better for your skin. We look forward to continuing a transparent conversation with our FirstBase community as we continue to create natural, organic products with the mission for a healthier, and more sustainable, lifestyle. Be well, be you.