Willow Bark Extract : Anti-Aging + Acne Defying

In the last few years, there has been a significant desire for more natural medicinal plants as an alternative to synthetic products, but it can leave you wondering what really works. And as we know, there is an overwhelming amount of wonder productsout there that claim to deliver wide-spectrum anti-aging and acne benefits. Few products seem to target all of the symptoms to the same extent as the ever promising, Willow Bark Extract.


Willow Bark Extract is a natural BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) that promotes harvested from White Willow trees by removing strips of bark and processing it into an extracted serum or powder. An ancient practice from as long as 6000 years ago, it’s been used for reducing pain and acting as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent; the natural forerunner to aspirin. While we love a proven natural remedy, it’s within its formulation that will compel you to try it. 


Let’s Break That Down


POLYPHENOLS | These plant based nutrients are high in antioxidants and moisture retention, fighting off those pesky free radicals that promote aging and cause damage (think sun exposure and inflammation from conditions like eczema, psoriasis and rosacea). They are king for vegan anti-aging products.


TANNINS | This organic plant based tissue is often found in toners because they are very astringent. Essentially they can shrink or constrict the skin, doing wonders for diminishing pores. Think smooth youthful skin, but with the ability to control excess oil (and the acne of our teens).


SALICIN | This bitter compound found within Willow Bark is oil soluble, allowing deep penetration of the skin into the lipid barrier to balance and regulate oil production. It is a gentle and natural exfoliant that removes dead skin cells, revealing radiant and clear skin. You may be thinking, isn’t this just like Salicylic Acid? Even in small concentrations of 0.5% to 1% of Salicylic Acid can cause irritation, especially for sensitive and dry skin. Although it may seemingly benefit oily-acne prone skin, it can strip all oils, including the healthy oily moisture barriers, thus producing more oil. Basically more break outs. Not ideal. Used for similar results, as a more mild and gentler compound, salicin does so without the drawbacks of Salicylic Acid.



The Age Old Question…


We’re so over adult acne and we’re ready for skin that we can live in, bare faced and free, at any age. So we want to know, does it really work? Let’s get clinical. In a study of women showing mild to moderate signs of aging, between the ages of 35 and 70 with Fitzpatrick skin types ranging between I and IV, subjects used a facial serum containing 0.5% salicin twice daily for 12 weeks. 


Even after just one week, the results showed improvements in wrinkles, texture, pore size, radiance, and overall appearance, with significant change in mottled pigmentation, global firmness and jaw line contour after 12 weeks. Applied topically, the study concluded that used consistently, salicin has the ability to reduce the visible signs of aging, inclusively in all skin types. What more can we say? If you’ve been struggling to find an effortless anti-aging solution that also calms irritated skin, we’ve got you. 


Our Approach at FirstBase


While we not only believe in clean beauty and quality organic based ingredients, its also about consistency that ensures facial serums have an impact. When using them daily in your self care ritual, they improve the skins youthful appearance and your confidence. Expect glowing results, from the inside, out.


To reap the benefits of Willow Bark Extract, FirstBase has integrated it into our Double Dose Vitamin C Serum. While Vitamin C is our key ingredient, dont underestimate the addition of Willow Bark. With one impressive product, simply apply directly after exfoliating and cleansing the skin, repeating morning and night daily.


Whether for repair or prevention, adding Willow Bark Extract into your skin care has been proven to aide in cell rejuvenation. Say goodbye to acne prone, aging skin. Welcome in radiance, taking beauty back to basics. 






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