Founders of FirstBase Skincare
April and Beth, now business partners and founders of FirstBase Skincare, met years ago and immediately bonded over their lifelong passion for fitness, wellness, and nutrition. Each pursued a healthy lifestyle through physical exercise and healthy eating, but despite their efforts, they both experienced health challenges that manifested in a myriad of ways including breakouts and sensitive, irritated skin. Ultimately, they became keenly aware that the mind, the gut, and the skin are intimately connected. This set in motion a full lifestyle shift that required a holistic approach and major self-discipline.

April and Beth who constantly swapped workout plans, smoothie ingredients, and favorite supplements, started to compare skincare tips and finds. Often the sheer amount of choice in seeking the balanced skincare regimen was overwhelming, and they realized that much of what was available was marketing fluff and false claims resulting in disappointing results.

Their need for credibility, efficacy, and a holistic vision is what fueled the launch of FirstBase Skincare. Their passion has resulted in a less-is-more, inside-out approach that relies on proven clinical activesECOCERT® certification developing both internal and external treatments to cover your bases for beautiful skin. FirstBase Skincare is not just a product line—it’s a community where April and Beth can share their knowledge and exchange information about foundational health so wellness enthusiasts can be guided to feel their best and let their natural beauty radiate every day.

Peace, love & glowing skin


April and Beth