At FirstBase Skincare, we put environmental and social responsibility at the forefront of our decision making. We believe in clean and quality products that deliver noticeable results. To achieve that goal, all our products go through extensive protocols with a world-renowned organization to ensure our methods of sourcing, handling, and manufacturing are organic. From being ECOCERT® certified to having clean and cruelty-free ingredients — here are the different ways we keep sustainability top of mind:


We are proud to be one of Canada’s leading ECOCERT® certified brands. ECOCERT® COMSO ORGANIC is the industry’s gold standard and regulator for environmental and ethical manufacturing — they ensure that ECOCERT® certified brands are utilizing organic, renewable natural ingredients, as well as maintaining ethical and eco-friendly manufacturing. We encourage our community to visit for more information.


As an ECOCERT® certified brand, all our products are free of harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients that can lead to skin irritation, headaches, and at worst, endocrine-system disruption. This also means fewer chemicals and bi-products going down our drains and during manufacturing, into the air.


Our goal is to be completely zero-waste and eliminate packaging that will go to landfills or cause pollution. As part of our goal, we are working towards a refill program and replacing paper inserts with QR codes to eliminate unnecessary packaging. We are passionate about creating clean products that conserve our precious resources.

Better for the environment, and better for your skin. We look forward to continuing a transparent conversation with our FirstBase community as we continue to create natural, organic products with the mission for a healthier, and more sustainable, lifestyle. Be well, be you.