FirstBase Skincare prioritizes environmental and social responsibility when making decisions. We are committed to providing clean, high-quality products that produce noticeable results. To ensure this, our products undergo thorough protocols with a world-renowned organization to guarantee that our sourcing, handling, and manufacturing methods are organic. Our sustainability efforts include ECOCERT® COSMOS ORGANIC certification and the use of clean and cruelty-free ingredients. We consistently prioritize sustainability in all aspects of our brand.

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FirstBase Skincare is proud to be among Canada's leading ECOCERT® certified brands. The ECOCERT® COSMO ORGANIC certification serves as the gold standard for environmental and ethical manufacturing in the industry. It ensures that ECOCERT® certified brands use organic, renewable natural ingredients and follow eco-friendly manufacturing practices. We urge our community to learn more by visiting


Our brand holds the prestigious ECOCERT® certification, ensuring that our products do not contain any harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients that can cause skin irritation, headaches, or worse, disrupt the endocrine system. Additionally, this certification guarantees that we have reduced the number of chemicals and byproducts released into the environment during manufacturing, resulting in less waste being deposited in our drains and released into the air.


Our mission is to achieve full zero-waste and eradicate packaging that contributes to landfill or pollution. In order to fulfill our objective, we're actively developing a refill initiative and replacing superfluous paper inserts with QR codes. Our devotion to producing pure products that preserve our invaluable resources remains unwavering.

Our commitment to environmental and personal health is reflected in the products we create. As we strive towards a sustainable lifestyle, we value open communication with our FirstBase community. Our aim is to develop natural and organic products that promote healthier living. We hope you'll join us in this journey towards wellness and self-expression.

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