New here? Say hello to the Double Dose Organic Vitamin C Complex Serum — a one of a kind anti-aging, antioxidant rich, hydrating complex serum that covers all your basis. We formulated the Double Dose Organic Vitamin C Complex Serum to be serum like you’ve never experienced before. Packed with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid — our complex serum helps renew and restore your skin’s tone, firmness, and elasticity.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Double Dose Organic Vitamin C Complex Serum.

Double Dose Organic Vitamin C Complex Serum


Vitamin C
We used Ascorbyl Glucoside Vitamin C which when compared with other Vitamin C’s, the Ascorbyl Glucoside has a better stability and solubility in solution and could essentially inhibit the discolour and degradation of Vitamin C in cosmetics while keeping the whole bioactivity.

 The Double Dose Organic Vitamin C Complex Serum includes a micro-encapsulated patent technology in the delivery of our Vitamin C. When applied to the skin, this process releases the Vitamin C gradually and without the risk of oxidising— meaning your skin will absorb 100% of Vitamin C benefits. When concentrated Vitamin C enters our cells, it results in significant well documented biological responses for beautiful skin.

Other Key Ingredients

  • Aloe Vera: first ingredient and base of our product. Polysaccharides are found in aloe vera they are sugar molecules that capture water hydration on the surface of the skin and helps smooth and protect from external aggressors
  • Lotus Flower Extract: protects your skin against free radicals and is a super antioxidant
  • Baobab Extract: a major anti-inflammatory ingredient. Stimulates collagen to retain your skin’s tone, firmness, and elasticity
  • Willow Bark Extract: a natural BHA and can help minimize your pores
  • Hyaluronic Acid: achieves moisture and hydration
  • Acmella Extract: mimics botox, smooths fine lines, and prevents damage from drying
  • Inulin: a prebiotic that helps make healthy microbiota — this helps to heal and protect your skin
  • Water


Knowing how to use the Double Dose Organic Vitamin C Complex Serum is key in ensuring its effectiveness. Follow the steps below:  

  1. Cleanse face
  2. Apply serum and lather on face in circular motion
  3. Rub in fully until dry and your skin has fully absorbed the serum
  4. Seal with moisturizer

Note: At surface, the serum might feel dry when you first start using it—this is because our skin is generally dry and dehydrated and Vitamin C is an active ingredient that can be slightly drying. It is important to use moisturizer after application as this serum alone is not a moisturiser. Applying a moisturizer can help your skin absorb the serum and stay hydrated. At 4-6 weeks, you will notice your skin will be glowing with hydration.

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